Yoga Institute in Gurgaon

Yoga is awareness and balance of mind, body and soul, so we ensure our yoga institutes in Gurgaon offer you practices that heal your mind, body and spirit through holistic approach. With the use of yoga postures and right techniques, our yoga institutes in Gurgaon offer yoga regimen suitable for all levels from beginners to more experienced and advanced, from kids to senior citizens.

We run daily schedule of Yoga classes which include various range of yoga asanas, pranayama, yoga mudras, yoga sutras and meditation to encourage self-discovery. Yoga Tatvam yoga institutes in Gurgaon gives you an amazing experience to relax your body and mind from stressful environment and other things you would also learn correct body alignment and breathing techniques while standing sitting or lying in everyday life. As they say “Practice makes a man perfect and consistent practice makes a man stronger” so at yoga Tatvam, we believe in regular and disciplined sessions and encourage you to explore and experience each class with sense of openness without being biased to any particular form of Yoga.

I vouch for health based upon a combination of Yoga and Pilates as this forms the very foundation of existence since times immemorial. Regular sessions not only strengthen our body’s foundation but most importantly equip us with the necessary skills to live a fully conscious and balanced life aiming to keep ill health at bay, thereby saving us health, wealth and relationships, says, Chhavi Mittal, Director, Yoga Tatvam.