Yoga classes at home

We at Yoga Tatvam believe in catering health and fitness with in your comfort zone. We offer you customized sessions as per individual needs by our amazing initiative for yoga classes at home. This offers you overall wellness opportunity designed on ‘Just for You’ concept.

These classes can be done in your comfortable timings with the days you are convenient with and are appropriate for individuals who seek to practice a custom yoga regimen to assess individual alignment and feel more confident with their lessons. Every session when student and trainer meet for the new lesson, practice is modified to address the requirement of the body.

Chhavi Mittal, Director, Yoga Tatvam says that these sessions can be best suited for all individuals seeking couple goals, students looking for therapeutic sessions for various physical ailments, individual development related to mind body and soul. Various physical ailments which can be treated can be acute cervical, body aches, chronic acidity, gastritis, backache, physical stiffness and weakness, respiratory dysfunction, digestive disorders, headache, migraine, memory loss, arthritis etc.

You can feel the improvement in your stress management, lungs capacity, health and lifestyle, blood pressure and circulation, strength and flexibility, reduce anxiety and depression. Feel free to connect for yoga classes at home with Yoga Tatvam anytime.