Radish - Low Calorie Food

Radish – Low Calorie Food

Radish is one of the low calorie root vegetable with rich source of anti- oxidants, electrolytes, minerals and dietary fiber. it  is  also a rich source of  vitamin – c  which helps the body scavenge  harmful free radicals , prevention from  cancer, inflammation and help boast immunity. Radish is very good for the liver and stomach and it acts as powerful detoxifier too. It is extremely useful in treating jaundice. it is a low  glycaemic  Index food,  hence it does not impact blood sugar level. Radish are diuretic in nature, thus helps in the treatment of various urinary disorder.
Did You Know?
The name radish comes from the Latin word ‘radish’ meaning root. There are five varieties of radish: red, globe, black, white.
Nutrient   value   per 100gm
Energy -16 kcal
Carbs – 3 g
Protein – Traces
Fat – Traces

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